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Click Here - The Continuum Foundation

by stew3 on Friday, May 7th, 2010


The Continuum Foundation was established in 1974 as a holistic, educational outreach to encourage and support the individual and corporate cultivation of spiritual development as being the motivational force and catalyst to initiate and sustain the necessary changes to human consciousness and behavior to achieve the true and lasting transformation to wholeness. Wholeness is transformation and begins with the transcendent experience and commitment to change of each individual and penetrates outward into family, society, culture, civilization, the earth and beyond. This “wholeness” has been defined historically in philosophy, religion, and the spiritual arts as transcendence, enlightenment, “being born again”, Self-realization, perfection, “passing through the veil”, etc.

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Continuum believes material reality finds it source, ground, and fundament in a single spiritual Reality of infinite, eternal and unlimited capacities which is outside what science currently understands as the time/space continuum. This Reality is invisible, mysterious and inscrutable to the material, rational mind. Continuum also believes each individual is essentially part of that Reality and, as such, seeks and yearns for union and oneness with that Source. The cultivation of this intense effort of longing integrates an individual’s own multifaceted being into harmonious oneness or wholeness within itself and with that Source and thus may be graced to receive intuitive, spiritual consciousness and first-hand experience to perceive, understand and know this Reality. This experience of Oneness or Unity is called Love. This Reality is called God.

Wholeness, then, is the integration of the various aspects of the human entity: Physical, emotional, mental, psychological, psychic, and spiritual. Wholeness is synergistic, with the sum being greater than its individual parts. Continuum believes this unity, wholeness or holism is a true reflection of the spiritual Reality and also best represents the true design and function of each unique, individual being. Many in the past who have experienced this wholeness in their lives describe it as being up-lifting, in an upward direction or flowing upward, as opposed to being subject to gravitational or downward forces. This up-right, escape-velocity mindset is also a willful, intentional, and constant state-of-mind and state-of-being which is implemented to enable the spirit nature to break free of the various dimensional, gravitational captivities or limitations of material reality. Being in the here-and-now, but also being focused on eternal principles, enables one to overcome these limitations. It is, as it has been said, “Being in the world, but not of it.” For an overview of the dynamics of this process, take problem solving as an example. The “non-spiritual” approach to problem solving would be when one is faced with a problem or obstacle, and, rather than “breaking through” and transforming the problem into a positive, win-win solution, instead acquiesces or defers to the status quo, or by taking the easy way out, or the short-term, expedient solution. Relative to “doing the right thing” and thoughtfully considering decisively the best option, of whether to act or not to act, which may be more difficult and time-consuming, one is un-engaged, passively allowing “nature” and “gravity” to take its course and letting emotions, pre-conceived notions, stubbornness or prejudices be the decision maker. This is tantamount to giving up, to living in denial of the truth of the existence of a problem and one’s responsibilities and obligations to own it and resolve it. This lie further binds one and keeps one captive to material reality rather than evolving towards emancipation and freedom on the spiritual path.

Being in the world but not of it is not the only contradiction on the spiritual path. The paradox of holism is that the proofs and fruits of the successes of this process on the path of self-realization, enlightenment, and being “born again”, that is - all the virtues along with the experience of peace, contentment, happiness, joy, warmth, tenderness, open-heartedness, inclusiveness, thankfulness and gratitude, compassion, love, simplicity, childlike innocence, perfect love and a taste of eternal life – can be experienced in the here and now while also simultaneously and constantly evolving toward a greater experience of wholeness. One could compare this to the appearance over time of one’s own body. The various cellular systems in the healthy human body totally replace themselves over varying cycles. Yet you – your essence - remains essentially the same. Understanding this evolutionary process in context with the goal of perfection enables us to find our place in the created universes and to progress in the midst of contradictions and paradox. This “place” is our spiritual home with God where we find comfort, peace, joy, sense of belonging, and purpose in life independent of material reality. The rational mind’s confrontation with the confusing conundrum of being “perfectly imperfect” is both managed by, and helps to explain why, humility, forgiveness (of self as well as others), compassion, and a light and unencumbered sense of humor play such a critically important role in maintaining balance and equanimity in the midst of our labors on the spiritual path. Without these positively progressive and upwardly certain catalysts, we would otherwise succumb to the downward gravitational forces and become entrapped in the inflammatory bondages of self-absorption, spiritual pride, arrogance and cold-heartedness whose toxicity and destructiveness would have us sinking ever deeper into darkness. Once we allow this delusional nihilism to overtake us, we are essentially living a lie and fall out of grace and upward motion. And, having cut ourselves off from God’s love, lose our “home” place and may never receive the necessary graces from God to endure the refining process, catharsis, and, ultimately, communion with the One. But fear not, don’t be afraid, all is not lost. With repentance, with faith and hope, with a willingness and commitment to make restitution, we can be renewed and restored. So, as you can see, we are in an invisible battle, a spiritual war with our lower selves and the elemental forces. We must take a firm stand on one side or the other: Up or down, white or black, good or bad, right or wrong, yes or no. We are daily plowing our own fields, so to speak, and there are clayey and hardpan soils along with the soft, moist and fertile sweet earth. There are weeds, rocks, and tree stumps to contend with on a daily basis as well. Perfection in any discipline is a constant effort, a work in progress, where mistakes, errors in judgment, getting lost, falling off the path, exhaustion and burnout are part of the refining and polishing process. We will have “troubles in this life” as Jesus and many wise ones have said. We will experience days, weeks, even months of just plain “pushing the boulder up the mountain” hard work. That is why courage and relentless determination are held in such high regard in all spiritual traditions as critical tools to overcome adversity. It is why those much wiser tell us not to dilute or waste our precious energies and time looking to the left or right, or to allow ourselves be distracted by what is behind or, as a mirage, appears to be ahead. And it is why fellowship with others on the spiritual path and their positive support is so very important. In other words, don’t give up – press on! Penetrate into the “secret” of Life, which is no secret…it is Love! Experience for yourself the profound, awe-inspiring, and life-changing touch of the Creator of the Universe. Grasp today the joy and perfect love in victorious and triumphant living! Your spiritual adventure of True Life in Love awaits you!

The work of the Continuum Foundation, then, is to assist individuals on their individual journey toward wholeness by making available educational resources for all spiritual seekers looking for tools, for the nuts and bolts, for the Spiritual Mechanics and Spiritual Economics of transformation and answers to those universal questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is Truth? What is my purpose in life? How can I attain real transformation and transcendence in this life?

Continuum provides a broad-spectrum of source materials: Articles, newsletters, lectures, sermons, presentations, podcasts, music, videos, etc., without bias, with no agenda, and in a neutral and transparent context, to inspire and empower you to find practical and effective solutions to your spiritual needs that actually work in your life. You may have questions about God; about eternal life; about how and where our day-to-day, moment-by-moment lives tie-in to the spiritual realm; about how living the spiritual life “feels”; where each of us fits in to the “big picture”; what is “Truth”; what constitutes “social justice”; where does my life fit in to “sacrifice” or “helping the poor”. Or maybe you just want an answer to something as seemingly “simple” as getting along with your next-door neighbor… Continuum is here to help share your burdens, to listen, learn and teach, and to let you know you are not alone in your walk… Be at peace!

View our contact page right now to ask a question or request more information.

Steven Welp is the founder and president of the Continuum Foundation, established in 1974. You may also visit Steven at


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